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Why We're Fear Free 

Fear Free appointments are a transformative approach in veterinary care, aiming to address and reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in pets during their visits to veterinary clinics.


This approach is rooted in the understanding that visits to the vet can be extremely stressful for animals, which can not only make the experience traumatic for pets and their owners but can also impede the ability of vets and other qualified professionals to administer high-quality medical care.


Here's a short overview of why our philosophy centers Fear Free appointments for your pets:

Enhancing the Quality of Veterinary Care


  • Reduced Stress: By minimizing the stress experienced by pets, Fear Free appointments make the visit more pleasant for everyone involved. Stress can mask symptoms or lead to misdiagnosis; by reducing it, veterinarians can make more accurate assessments.

  • Improved Compliance: Pets that have positive experiences at the vet are more likely to be cooperative in future visits. This improves the ability of veterinary staff to perform examinations and treatments effectively.

Strengthening the Human-Animal Bond


  • Positive Experiences: Fear Free strategies aim to create positive associations with the veterinary clinic for pets. This not only makes future visits easier but also strengthens the bond between pets and their owners, so you can feel reassured seeing your pets handled with care and compassion.

  • Owner Involvement: Fear Free practices often involve pet owners in the process, providing you with tools and techniques to reduce your pet's anxiety before and during veterinary visits. This active involvement can also deepen the connection and trust between you and your pets.

Promoting Animal Welfare


  • Holistic Approach: Fear Free appointments take into account the physical and emotional well-being of pets. This holistic approach to veterinary care is a significant step forward in promoting overall animal welfare.

  • Stress Reduction Techniques: Techniques such as the use of pheromones, gentle handling, and environmental modifications (like using specific wall colors, quiet waiting areas, non-slip surfaces, and warm towels) are used to create a calming atmosphere for your pets.

Supporting Veterinary Professionals

  • Enhanced Safety: Reducing fear and stress in pets also decreases their likelihood of defensive aggression, making veterinary practices safer environments for your pets, you, and our staff.

  • Job Satisfaction: Veterinary professionals who can effectively reduce their patients' fear and stress may find their work more fulfilling. Seeing positive outcomes and building better relationships with pets and their owners can significantly enhance our vets', techs', and staff's job satisfaction. 


Fear Free appointments advocate for a shift in veterinary care that benefits pets, pet owners, and veterinary professionals alike. By prioritizing the emotional well-being of animals alongside their physical health, Fear Free practices represent a more compassionate, effective, and holistic approach to veterinary medicine.

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