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At Small Miracles Animal Hospital, we partner with Vet's First Choice pharmacy to help you manage all of your prescription and supplement needs.

Partnering with Vet's First Choice allows us to offer medications, supplements, food, treats, and more - so that your pet can easily get the wellness products it needs. 

Vet's First Choice is a specialized pharmacy, which offers: 

  • Pharmacists trained in veterinary medications

  • Products and savings direct from the manufacturer

  • Friendly support by phone, chat or email

  • Compounded drugs for your pets who don't like to take pills and need liquid/chewable medications

Not all drugs are equal. Even when some drugs are equally safe and effective in humans, they may not be so in dogs and cats. You can trust us to know what works and what is safe for your pet.

We make it easy to shop and save on your pet's food and medications – no more phone calls, last-minute errands, or even written prescriptions!

  • AutoShip Convenience Save time and money with automatic deliveries and free shipping

  • Refill Reminders Receive reminders, so your pet or horse never miss a dose

  • Exclusive Savings Apply coupons and instant rebates on top products

Image by Piotr Musioł
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