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Veterinary Assistant

Madi Farrell grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland and graduated from North Royalton High School in 2020.  She is the only girl in her family and has brothers, two older and one younger and has two dogs, Lucy and Charlie.  She started Florida Tech Institute with a major in psychology, but since childhood, always knew she would be working with animals in some capacity.  The more she matured, the more her love of animals strengthened.

Madi’s pup, Charlie, was a patient at Harts Animal Hospital, and on a whim, Madi applied for a position as receptionist and got the job based on her enthusiasm.  After a few months of working, Madi realized she did not just have a love for animals, she had a calling.  She switched her major and is now enrolled in the elite Veterinary Technician program at Tri-C. 
Madi is already Fear Free certified and loves being the animal’s advocate. “Animals can show signs but they don’t have a physical voice, so I like being that voice for them and advocating for them.”  She is always smiling and you will likely find her trying to calm a nervous animal.

In her spare time, Madi likes to go on walks with her dogs in the Metroparks.  She likes to find new places to explore and hike with them.  She also loves spending time with her family. 


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