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Wellness Care

Recommendations for preventive care have evolved over the years but continue to include vaccinations, parasite control, good nutrition, spay/neuter surgery and regular examinations.

There are core vaccinations which are necessary for all pets to prevent serious disease. However, the vaccination booster intervals and other vaccinations are dictated by lifestyle and risk.


Here at Small Miracles Animal Hospital, we will help you decide which vaccinations are necessary for your pet.​There are many choices for the control of heartworms, fleas, ticks and internal parasites. We can provide you the best options by making an individualized risk assessment for your pet.


We at Small Miracles Animal Hospital have carefully vetted the vaccines and parasite preventatives we provide so that you can be sure your pet is truly protected. Regular examinations are the best way to detect and address problems to ensure a better quality of life for your pet. We offer all the diagnostics necessary to screen for disease.​We welcome questions about nutrition and feeding. We will likely be invaluable to you in sorting out the often misleading advertising claims from pet food companies.​We recommend microchipping for the permanent identification of your pet. 


Call us to make an appointment for a wellness exam for your pet.

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