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Emphasis Care

At St. Francis Animal Hospital, we recognize certain widespread or highly specific issues affecting our pets for which a problem-oriented examination and plan are beneficial to our pet owners. To that end, we offer senior exams, nutritional counseling, behavior counseling, home health care instruction, end-of-life care, international travel regulatory compliance and more.

As your pet enters its senior and geriatric life stages, our attention shifts from providing vaccination boosters to evaluating your pet for the problems associated with aging. We will make recommendations appropriate to the life stage of your pet and our medical findings.

Obesity is an epidemic in our cats and dogs and a serious health problem for them. Obesity shortens the lifespan of our pets by an average of 2 years. We provide nutritional counseling and dietary plans for weight loss as well as for management of a variety of other medical conditions.

Behavior problems are the primary reason for elective euthanasia of our dogs and cats because they cause a break in the human-animal bond, Before you become irreversibly frustrated by your pet’s behavior, make an extended appointment for a full behavior evaluation and a treatment plan.

When a pet is diagnosed with a chronic illness that requires involved home health care of its owner, we offer hands on instruction on how to provide the recommended care. Our staff will make sure you feel completely comfortable doing whatever your pet requires. And when your pet reaches the end of its life, we will help you choose the comfort care and pain management that is best for you and your pet as well as help you every step of the way in making the difficult end-of-life decisions,

Traveling internationally with your pet entails a complicated set of requirements from the United States as well as another country. The necessary travel papers can only be completed by veterinarians who have an additional accreditation. All the veterinarians at St. Francis are accredited and fully prepared to assist you in your travel plans with your pet.

If you have a special need for your pet , do not hesitate to call us for more information or an appointment.

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