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Image by Justin Veenema


Mouth pain and dental disease are often missed as causes of lowered quality of life in our pets by owners because of the slow, insidious progression of this disease and because our pets must eat despite any pain they may be experiencing.

Dental procedures can be extremely difficult in veterinary patients, especially in the small mouths of cats or when the dental disease is advanced. Experience and skill make a huge difference in the duration and outcome of these procedures. Dr. Kwon has a special interest in dental procedures and is meticulous, steady, experienced, fast and patient—all attributes to ensure the best possible outcome for his dental patients. ​ We strongly advocate for addressing dental issues as soon as they arise. We offer comprehensive dentistry services at St. Francis Animal Hospital: dental cleanings, dental X-ray imaging, surgical extractions and more. ​ You will almost certainly see an immediate benefit in your pet’s quality of life once dental disease is managed. Thereafter, our whole team will be happy to share home health care recommendations to maintain your pet’s dental health. ​ Please call to make an appointment to have your pet’s dental health assessed.

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